The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Singapore

A WORLDWIDE retro motorcycle event taking place on the same day!

30th September, 2012 – A day where old school scooters, cafe racers, bobbers, classics and retros across the globe unite. We ride the world for no reason in suits being distinguished.

 To bring together the world for one day of immature stupidity and fun on two wheels while WEARING A SUIT on 30th September, 2012. 

No matter what your work/social/life status may be everyone is equally distinguished! Wear monocles, attach a brief case, wear a bow tie, wear a mustache, smoke an old school pipe while riding or attach a cup holder for your high tea.

Dress code: WEAR A SUIT. Think smart and stylo! And don’t forget to have a laugh at yourself and your kakis! 
Be creative or boring, its up to you. Most important thing is to have a blast!
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