S110 picked up on 28 may 09

Honda S110 picked up on 28 May 09
I cant find this bike when i was looking for one and end up i bought a YB100 sometime back
The reason of getting this bike–>A keen buyer who own this S110 bought my cb750 but he does not want to keep 2 bikes because he do not have the time to ride both bikes.

So i take over his S110 and sell him my cb750
I thought of keeping this bike but after a short ride, I still cannot get used to small bike(after riding big cc bike for years) and too getting used to inline 4 and twin engine.

Sometime back this guy called me and ask whether my YB100 still on sale but too bad i had already sold it. I remember he mention he was looking for a small vintage bike to ride around city.
Luckily i still had his number So i asked the guy whether he still keen on looking for small bike, He told me, he is still very keen and i told him i have a S110 on sale. So we have arrange to meet up on some weekday night. After viewing the bike, he is so interested that he decide to buy the bike on the spot..

Wish naxt time i have a chance to own a S90 or C110 to display it in my house.

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