Rise of Vintage replicas

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Sorry for not blogging lately.. Been busy during my trip to usa..
Today let’s talk about Vintage replica bikes! Ok, Vintage replica bikes is really a big hit these few years. Many bike makers like Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha have reproduced quite a large number of vintage replicas within the past 10 years.. Some people ask what is vintage replica. Vintage replica is using vintage/classic look design but engine and everything is powered by new modern technology. Very easy to maintain because engine is powered by new modern technology and will not fail you anytime soon. As long as the bike is maintained correctly, the bike will run for many good years.

Triumph Thunderbird 900 and Triumph Legend 900 are really nice bikes that are still found in Singapore. Both bikes are fired by 900cc Triple cylinder. My friend owns a Thunderbird 900 and the bike looks really cool! Triple cylinder engine really sound different from inline four and twin. I think Legend is a good bike too and I saw a few running on Singapore roads but too bad I do not have any friends riding this bike.. Those bikes are getting hard to find these day because not many make it to Singapore. Anyway, now triumph in Singapore provides quite big range of new vintage replica bikes like T100, Bonneville/SE and my all time favourite Scrambler 900.

This photo showing a local Triumph Thunderbird 900 owned by a friend a few years back(the owner is standing beside the bike).

Even Ducati has reproduced vintage replica bikes. Saw a few Sport 1000 and GT1000 on Singapore roads.
Moto Guzzi also joined in the fun by making cool vintage replicas! Moto Guzzi V7 classic is one of the sexy reproduction bikes and the bike is powered by a 750cc V7 engine! The price tag of the bike is tag around USD9000 in US, not sure how much does it cost when the bike reach Singapore (if the dealer plan to bring it in!).
Honda reproduced a really big range of vintage replicas. Japanese really like vintage bikes for sure. They reproduce more than 15 vintage replica model for JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) use in the last 10-15 years. ONLY a few models make its way to Singapore (really sad L ). CB400Four NC36, CB400SS, CB50 Dream and Honda Monkey are the only few vintage replicas made their way into Singapore within the last 10 years. Based on my counteraction, those bike models add up to not more than 50 running on Singapore roads..
I, myself owned 3 CB400Four NC36 in the past 4 years. Really a nice cool bike to own and ride around the city! The bike came with a set of sexy 4 into 4 pipes! Hope SOON I can buy another one to add into my collection again!

Kawasaki reproduce many vintage replica model for JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) too. But ONLY 3 models made it to Singapore within the last 10-15 years. Kawasaki Estrella 250, W650 and W400 L. Those 3 models added together will only have less than 30 running on Singapore roads!! But I am lucky to own a W650 currently!

Japan best selling bike, Yamaha SR400 does not come to Singapore at all..
Hope soon, Singapore bike dealer will bring in more replica models for Singaporeans!
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2 thoughts on “Rise of Vintage replicas

  1. Hi Marco,
    Good to see you blow the trumpet for the vintage reps in Singapore. I still have my CB400 NC36 but in England it’s too cold now to ride it.
    Should be over in Sg in the new year so let’s meet up then.
    Cheers, Hidde

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