Honda CL175 ad (Behind the scenes)

Honda: Let’s make motorcycles cheaper and better.
Honda USA: Yes, let’s make money from baby boomers who dig freedom and fun.
Ad Agency: Let’s run a campaign to give Honda a friendly brand image. We are the specialists. Here’s the 24-month contract.
Creative Director: Let’s shoot this some place so we can claim travel expenses.
Photographer: Let’s charge for a few models and shoot in daylight so we have less stuff to bring.
Art Director: Just clean the bike, shoot and blur the background. What do you mean this thing goes off-road?
Stylist: Floral, long dresses are the latest style. Oh, did you see his pants… so hot!
Copywriter: I have ten more scripts to write… let’s reuse the captions from the last job.
Biker: CANDY Blue and Orange? WTF? Let’s start our own custom shop.

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