First Yamaha SR400 in Singapore

Yamaha SR400

The Yamaha SR400 in Singapore is definitely a dream come true for many classic motorcycle lovers here. Ever since we started going nuts about these motorcycles, the Yamaha SR400 has always been the common topic we rave about at bike meets and coffee shops. Now, its finally here in Singapore at our workshop.

True to its original character, Yamaha created the new SR400 to be only started by kicking. One less electric component, means one less switch to spoil, more classic than ever! Having seen so many Harley riders proudly kickstarting their vintage bobbers… its time for us to live the true street biking experience once more with this Japanese machine. Can’t wait to strip it and fix on some flat seats and tracker shocks too.

Addict SR400

“The Addict” by Addiction Customs (Australia)


Gasoline Custom SR400

“Tomahawk” by Gasoline Custom Motorcycles (Australia)


Varkian by Raider Motorsports

“The Varkian” by Raider Motorsports


yamaha sr400 wrenchmonkees

SR400 by Wrenchmonkees (Denmark)


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