Custom Ruby motorcycle helmet gets illustrated

corpses from hell ruby helmet

Ruby makes some of the most beautiful (and pricey) vintage-inspired helmets on the face of the planet – the lids transcend the typical formless safety wear to something approaching sculpture. Maxwell Paternoster recently turned one of the company’s Castel helmets into his own personal canvas, and turned a video camera on to illuminate his process. Paternoster is the designer and illustrator behind Corpses From Hell, a site consumed with motorcycle design and imagery. With a flair for the deranged, Pasternoster’s works toe the line between high-school notebook doodles and hilarious brilliance, each oozing with motorcycle cool.

Starting with a grease pencil, Paternoster sketched out his design and got to work with gold leaf and paint. The finished product features a circuit board, a disembodied claw-hand clutching a ruby and a gentleman squarely in the process of getting his face melted off. Like we said, hilarious brilliance. If you like the look of the Castel, head over to the Corpses From Hell site for more moto-centric goodness as well as close-up images of Paternoster’s design. In the interim, check out the video below to watch the artist at work. The clip also features some sweet scooter hooning that’s not to be missed.

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