Custom helmets by Atelier’s Ruby

Custom Ruby Belvedere Helmet

Ruby offers a customization service where customers can create their own helmets. Simply put, you can select any helmet model from Ruby (i.e. Pavillon, Belvedere or Castel) and swap around the outer paint colors, the trim material, inner lining color and even the hardware studs on the outer shell. Below are some of the custom helmets we sold; some designed by us and some are ideas from the customers themselves. Perhaps they can give you some inspiration on your next Ruby?

Ruby Custom Helmet

Based on Ruby Shibuya’s ‘Shining’ design, this Pavillon is customized with gold and white while revealing the carbon fiber layers below. Finished with a gloss lacquer, this is one of our favorites so far.


Ruby Castel Helmet designed by Custom Burner

Black leather was used on the trims for its understated and masculine feel. The shine of the gunmetal hardware layers beautifully against the metallic gray base. We used thin black lines to accentuate the gold as a finishing touch.


Ruby castel helmet Singapore

Gold and black worked well to create a classy look, just a simple touch to it uniquely his own.

Helmet design by Custom Burner

This is a design that we created but did not come to pass. Do you recognize the flag on the rear?

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