Honda XR250 VMX

honda, xr250, custom, vintage style, motocross

A project for our friends at The Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies. They are one of the first who started the leather crafting scene in Singapore before the mainstream caught on. Cool people, cool selvedge denim stuff and lots of nice things to see. Go check out their stuff when you’re in town.

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First Yamaha SR400 in Singapore

Yamaha SR400

The Yamaha SR400 in Singapore is definitely a dream come true for many classic motorcycle lovers here. Ever since we started going nuts about these motorcycles, the Yamaha SR400 has always been the common topic we rave about at bike meets and coffee shops. Now, its finally here in Singapore at our workshop. True to its

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Triumph Steve McQueen Bonneville

Look what came in today? A friend brought in his very special T100 to get the headers wrapped. Inspired by the Trophy TR6 McQueen rode in the epic The Great Escape, this Bonny is ONE of the 1,100 bikes made in the world. Awesome and honoured to customise it! Beautiful matt khaki green with Steve McQueen’s

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